We care about our people and the environment in which we live…

Sustainability is a top priority at Van der Heijden Transport. In the broadest sense of the word. We care about our people and the environment in which we live. Our trucks are equipped with the most modern Euro 6 engines, which means minimal CO2 emissions and sound-friendly. Naturally, we aim for a maximum load factor to prevent so-called empty kilometres. Our storage areas and workshop meet the strictest environmental requirements and we use collected rainwater to wash our fleet. We attach great value to the vitality and sustainable employability of our employees. It is not without reason that our trucks are equipped with additional technical provisions in addition to all legal safety provisions. Think of lane guard, brake assistant and adaptive cruise control. We want our people to be comfortable in their own skin, literally and figuratively. With the right balance between work and private life, between effort and relaxation. In this way we are ready for you with passion and pleasure in a passionate way!


The Swiss way.

Our passion. Our drive!