Artwork MAN truck

At the POW!WOW! graffiti festival on September 13th in Rotterdam, Marcel Thelen created an artwork on one of our MAN trucks in the section “20Vans30Cans”.

The result is an artwork of colorful geometric shapes that moulds itself to the truck cabin. The intensive paintwork was sealed with transparent varnish protect it against weather conditions after the festival on our international routes to Switzerland.

We are very pleased with the artwork of Marcel Thelen and the initiative of Iris van der Heijden.

2018-11: With pride we show our last addition!

It is a so-called “wedged trailer”, a semi-trailer that we have made suitable for special transport. On the front, the trailer has an internal height of 300 cm and standard 320 cm at the back. With the special permits we have we can lift this trailer’s roof and drive with internal height up to 340 cm.

With the available ramps this trailer is also suitable for “under sail” transportation of vehicles.

Also extra wide (agricultural) vehicles width up to 300 cm are no problem, because the back can be hydraulically widened for loading. The load securing takes place with special chains that can be lashed to 5 ton hooks. Because we can also extend the canvas, it is ensured that your goods remain under sail (clean and dry) at all times during transport.

Furthermore, loading through the roof is not a problem either because the roof can be opened completely and even widened to 350 cm. Safe, convenient and quick to load by crane.

We can transport almost all (packaged) loads up to 300 cm wide in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany and Switzerland.

With regard to safety, this vehicle is also equipped with a tyre pressure system that automatically keeps the tyres inflated and in the loading floor there are special rails built in to ensure additional loading security when needed. That this trailer is in possession of a cargo loading certificate will not surprise you.

2017-11: New temperature controlled trailers

Recently we expanded our fleet with new modern temperature controlled trailers. Here too we have opted for the smaller “mega” tire size, which enabled us to create an internal height of 2.80 meters with the option for double stock loading. Extra striking are the ultra high resolution prints on the side with images of different mountain landscapes, a reference to our specialty: Switzerland.

2016-01: Extra safe on route

From 2016 we have provided all trucks and trailers with special wheel rings, preventing wheel bolts loosening.

These rings were specially fabricated in Sweden in “vanderHeijden-red”. Because we accurately fit all tyres internally, checking the bolt tension has become unnecessary and the bolts can no longer come loose.

Safe for the driver and other road users.

2015-10: Another color

Why always red? As from October 2015, we have a Black MAN (one-off).

This MAN TGX440 is equipped with the latest safety features such as GPS Efficient cruise speed shift, peak torque, eco-roller, lane guard system and even an emergency brake assistant (during an impending collision, the truck is self-braking thus avoiding a serious collision).

More importantly, your (expensive) goods are better protected. This truck is combined with to a so-called Joloda trailer and is very suitable for conveying, for example standing paper rolls. This combination can load 250 cm through the roof because the rear frame is expandable during loading and unloading.

This is of course a Euro 6 truck and with this investment, our fleet consists of more than 50% Euro6 trucks. All other vehicles are Euro5.

2015-04: Sprint Service

As from April 2015 we also offer a Sprint Service. Our modern VW Crafter is equipped with a Vanloda roller conveyor and we can load up to four pallets with a height of 175 cm.

The maximum load capacity is 1580 kg. Through the rear doors a simple, fast and secure load by forklift truck is possible.

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