Fuel Surcharge

Fuel prices are subject to change. After the fuel prices have risen sharply in recent years, in the beginning of 2015 luckily they declined.

Despite the decline in 2015, we are still forced to pass on the price increases, occurred in the past, to our customers in the form of a fuel surcharge.

Here we rely on the publication of the Shell prices and as a starting point, we take the diesel price by January 1, 2004 (see the course from 2004 to the present in the current table below).

For every 5% increase in fuel prices from October 1, 2004 we charge 1% fuel surcharge on the normal transport price.

July 2020 11%
June 2020 11%
May 2020 12%
April 2020 13%
March 2020 15%
February 2020 17%
January 2020 16%
December 2019 15%
November 2019 15%
October 2019 15%
September 2019 14%
August 2019 15%
July 2019 15%
How is the fuel surcharge calculated?

We determine the average fuel price in the past month. The base is always € 81.20 per 100 liters incl. VAT / € 68.24 per 100 liters excl. VAT (= the price dated January 1, 2004).

The fuel surcharge is separately listed on the transport invoice with the corresponding percentage.

If you would like to know more about the fuel surcharge we use, please contact us.